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Transforming, Becoming Like Christ

Transformation Education exists to improve the quality of education through mentoring educators in creating environments with a Biblical world view on character education, classroom management, learning styles, and teaching methods

Why? For God’s Kingdom to be on earth as it is in Heaven (Love, Righteousness, Peace and Joy) 


How? Strengthening teachers, serving in the name of Jesus 


What? Help people know, love and live God’s Word 


Main Subjects Currently Taught: 

Bible, character, literacy, computing, school and classroom management, teaching methods 

Transformational Development Philosphy


Step 1: Help people discover their identity is related to Christ through God's redemptive purpose in history


Step 2: Development of character, instilling and forming values that permit a better vision of the future and that allow people to love others as themselves, seeking to be life-enhancing for all.

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